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Queen Mary University of LondonQueen Mary University of London

School of Engineering and Materials Science

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Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

Research Themes

Aerospace and aeronautics technologies

  • spacecraft electric propulsion (particularly for small satellites)
  • modeling and control of space robots, mobile robots
  • hybrid electric vehicles/aircraft, UAVs and power train


  • intelligent decision support for airport operations
  • multiobjective/multidisciplinary optimisation; design optimisation
  • operational research

Solid and structural mechanics

  • boundary element method and meshless techniques
  • fracture and damage


  • Linear and non-linear acoustics of sound propagation and generation: experiments and computations 
  • Applications to noise from jets, helicopter blades, etc.
  • Acoustics in nuclear fusion

Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and turbulence: fundamentals and applications

  • experimental and computational aerodynamics
  • turbulence and flow stability
  • fluid-structure interaction in large-scale flows
  • wind and water turbines
  • computational geophysical fluid dynamics
  • environmental flows

Fluid mechanics in biology and biomedical devices

  • microswimmer dynamics modelling 
  • computational rheology of blood 
  • transport in the cardiovascular systems
  • cell dynamics, microfluidics cell sorting, cell printing
  • CFD of the urinary and cardiovascular system

Micro and nanoscale fluid mechanics

  • multiphase flows with particles, drops, and bubbles
  • printing (both ink-jet and electrodynamic)
  • interfacial flows
  • multiscale and hybrid methods
  • development of microfluidic devices