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Current research funding in the Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

Division of Aerospace Engineering and Fluid Mechanics

Research Funding

The following are current funded research projects taking place within the research division:


Principal Investigator: Lorenzo BOTTO
Funding source: Commission of the European Community
Start: 01-04-2017  /  End: 31-03-2022
Amount: £1,017,645

2D nanomaterials hold immense technological promise thanks to extraordinary intrinsic properties such as ultra-high conductivity, strength and unusual semiconducting properties. Our understanding of how these extremely thin and flexible objects are processed in flow is however inadequate, and this is hindering progress towards true market applications. When processed in liquid ...

GPU-LES of flow around a jet engine installed under a wing and a fuselage body at a take-off regime: vorticity field is shown inside the jet, while the surface shows pressure distribution just outside the jet hydrodynamic field.JINA: Jet Installation Noise Abatement

Principal Investigator: Sergey KARABASOV
Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Start: 15-01-2019  /  End: 14-01-2022
Amount: £422,276

One of the major aeroacoustical challenges of modern aircraft is the so-called "jet installation effect" due to the interaction of the jet hydrodynamic field with the airframe. The JINA project aims to address this challenge by bringing together expertise in experimental and computational aeroacoustics as well as design optimisation.

Asphalt mixture and experiment of fracture.Bimodule material in highway construction and computational study

Principal Investigator: Pihua WEN
Funding source: Changsha University of Science and Technology
Start: 01-07-2017  /  End: 30-06-2020
Amount: £90,000

Finite element method and meshless finite block method are developed to study composites with bimodule materials.

Colloid Electric Propulsion Technology

Principal Investigator: John STARK
Funding source: Airbus Defence & Space (2855) Ltd
Start: 15-12-2016  /  End: 14-12-2019
Amount: £150,000

Industrial visit - Mr Marek Zamaryka

Principal Investigator: Rafael CASTREJON-PITA
Funding source: Larkfleet Limited
Start: 01-09-2018  /  End: 30-11-2019
Amount: £4,200

ESA Contract

Principal Investigator: John STARK
Funding source: EU European Commission - Other
Start: 06-06-2016  /  End: 30-11-2019
Amount: £269,275


Principal Investigator: Jun CHEN
Funding source: EPSRC Engineering and Physcial Sciences Research Council
Start: 01-06-2017  /  End: 30-09-2019
Amount: £252,934

TRANSIT (Towards a Robust Airport Decision Support System for Intelligent Taxiing) is a four site project between Queen Mary University of London, the University of Sehffield, University of Stirling and Cranfield University, funded by the UK EPSRC (grant numbers EP/N029496/1, EP/N029356/1, EP/N029577/1). The lead at each site is, respectively, Dr Jun Chen, Prof Mahdi Mahfouf, Dr John Woodward and Dr Mudassir Lone, with Dr Chen as the overall project director. The project also has an extensive list of industrial partners, which currently includes Air France – KLM, BAE Systems, Manchester Airport Plc, Rolls-Royce Plc, Simio LLC and Zurich Airport. The TRANSIT project aims to develop a unified routing and scheduling system which will be more Realistic, Robust, Cost-effective and Configurable, producing better conformance of flight crew in response to 4 Dimensional Trajectories.

HiperLoc-EP - High performance low cost electric propulsion system development

Principal Investigator: John STARK
Funding source: Commission of the European Community
Start: 01-01-2017  /  End: 30-06-2019
Amount: £448,765

Solar-Fresnel-Lens Concentrator Prototype

Principal Investigator: Rafael CASTREJON-PITA
Funding source: Technology Strategy Board
Start: 01-01-2017  /  End: 31-03-2019
Amount: £126,982

The sustainable generation of industrial and commercial process heat steam is critical to reduce greenhouse emissions and build up a Green economy. This is only possible by reducing the use of diesel and natural gas, which are currently widely used in Mexico. Solar technologies systems can meet this demand but they are currently either expensive or difficult to integrate in industrial and commercial environments. The SolFreSS project aims to develop an innovative solar collector for applications in medium temperature industrial heating processes; to deliver a subsystem for the management and delivery of steam; to determine the best strategies for the protection of industrial property and consequent commercialization; and to identify the required public policy changes needed to overcome the current market barriers for the exploitation of solar technologies in the Mexican industrial sector. SolFreSS uses Fresnel lenses instead of conventional reflectors.

UK Consortium on Turbulent Reacting Flows

Principal Investigator: Xi JIANG
Funding source: E.P.S.R.C.
Start: 01-06-2017  /  End: 31-03-2019
Amount: £4,973

Jet noise: characteristics of the instantaneous emission patterns

Principal Investigator: Eldad AVITAL
Funding source: Royal Society
Start: 16-03-2018  /  End: 15-03-2019
Amount: £6,000

To develop a model which is consistent with jet noise far field measurements of both spectra measured at different angles and 2-point far field correlations of the sound pressure.