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Sustainable Energy Systems

MSc (H2S1)


The large projected increases in global population and energy demand, led by those in developing and emerging economies, underscore the need for new workable global supplies of affordable sustainable energy, and elevate this energy need as perhaps the greatest single challenge facing the world in the 21st century. The current acuteness of the challenge results from the confluence of concerns about population growth, energy supply and demand, security, and the effects of energy production and use on the environment. Energy derived from renewable and clean sources holds the promise of addressing the concerns of supply, security and environmental concerns. As a result there is an increasing demand for specialists in Sustainable Energy Systems. This demand is fuelled by increased public awareness of the energy problem, by tightening of environmental regulations, and by the emerging recruitment needs of manufacturers and energy-supply companies working in the field.

The programme aims to prepare specialists with unique expertise in the fundamentals of energy and the environment, their applications for the benefit of humankind, and the ability to stay abreast of the field.