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Queen Mary University of LondonQueen Mary University of London
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 Programme Acredited by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Polymer Science and Nanotechnology

MSc (J5U8)


Polymer Science and Nanotechnology (PSnT) are extremely rapid growing fields in advanced materials and engineering. New techniques to produce nanometer sized particles and new functional polymers are being discovered everyday. There is a huge need from companies for well-trained engineers or scientists with a good knowledge on polymer science and nanotechnology.

By taking into account the needs of the industry and the direction of the leading scientific achievements, we have designed an MSc course on Polymer Science and Nanotechnology. This course capitalises on research strengths that already exist within the School of Engineering and Materials Science, particularly within the area of polymers and composites. The course focuses on polymers synthesis and polymer composites and conclude with an independent research project related to these areas. 

Students are choosing modules based on their interests and these modules prepare students for independent research projects while also increasing their knowledge of the structure and behaviours of different polymer materials. Students also learn how to decide what materials are the most suitable for the design different products, depending on the environmental impact that results. There is an emphasis on the various different types of materials processes that are currently used as well as the techniques that are still being developed.

SEMS division:Materials Engineering