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 Programme Acredited by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Dental Materials

MSc (J5S1)


This course is taught jointly with the School of Medicine and Dentistry as well as the School of Engineering and Materials Science. The aim is to integrate the resources available in the two schools to offer students a well rounded experience of the opportunities that are available in the field of Dental Materials.

This MSc in Dental Materials is an advanced study programme designed to develop a significantly broad knowledge of the principles underlying the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of dental materials. Furthermore the structural properties of materials both at micro and macro levels are taught at postgraduate level. A special emphasis is placed on materials, structure property correlations in the context of both the clinical and non clinical aspects. The theoretical courses are reinforced by practical research experience that can take place in the School of Engineering and Materials Science or the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

This MSc in Dental Materials provides students with the necessary tools and principles of Dental Materials that are currently used in Clinical Dentistry and covers the underlying principles of bioactivity and biocompatibility. The taught courses are complimented by research projects that are based on both the course and the student's research interests.

This degree is aimed at dental surgeons, materials scientists and engineers wishing to work in the dental support industries, and the materials health sector generally. On completion of the course the student should have a good knowledge of topics related to dental materials and in addition be competent in justifying selection criteria and manipulation instructions for all classes of materials relevant to the practice of dentistry.

SEMS division:Materials Engineering