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Biomedical Engineering with Imaging and Instrumentation

MSc (HBS6)


Biomedical Engineering is a field of engineering that relies on highly inter- and multi-disciplinary approaches to research and development, in order to address biological and medical problems. Specialists in this area are trained to face scientific and technological challenges that significantly differ from those related to more traditional branches of engineering.

Biomedical Engineering makes use of more traditional engineering methodologies and techniques, which are adapted and further developed to meet specifications of biomedical applications. This MSc programme covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of human physiology;
  • Ethics and regulatory affairs in the biomedical field;
  • Medical imaging modalities and digital signal processing, their uses and challenges;
  • Analysis and design of instrumentation electronics present in a wide range of medical devices;
  • Instrumentation and technologies used for clinical measurements;
  • Design, analysis and evaluation of critical systems in the context of clinical monitoring, including safety;
  • Origin of biological electricity, measurement of bioelectric signals, principles of bioelectric stimulation, and their applications.

Applications are welcome from students with a background in Engineering or Physics.

SEMS division:Bioengineering