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Key Stage 5

The events on this page are for students in Year 12. 


Taster Courses 

Learn about the programme, meet our academics and current students, and take part in problem-solving activities. These courses are suitable for students who will be studying Maths and Chemistry/Physics at A2 level and are thinking about studying related degree programmes at university.

Early April 2019

Bookings will be taken through the University of London's taster courses website, applications open in January. The only way to book a place is through the University of London's website. The School of Engineering and Materials Science is not responsible for taster course bookings and cannot offer places based on cancellations. 

We will offer the following courses this year: 

  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering 
  • Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Engineering as an Alternative to Medicine 
  • Options for Women in Engineering
  • Materials as an Alternative to Medicine and Dentistry


Headstart Bioengineering Course  

Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th July 2019

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The only residential course offered by SEMS is the Headstart course which is aimed at year 12 students and is focused on Bioengineering. This course is designed for those who are studying two of the following subjects at A2-Level: Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics. This programme would be an excellent choice for those who have an interest in pursuing engineering, or a similar programme, at university as it will introduce you to an area of engineering that may be new to you. This course will give you the opportunity to find out if you are suited to engineering and materials science.

During the course you will begin to develop key engineering skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving to help you perform to the best of your ability at university. 

What you'll be doing: 

  • Attending talks, lectures and seminars on topics related to Bioengineering
  • Learning about the application of engineering to medicine
  • Participating in discussion and debate 
  • Get involved with hands on team design and build projects with laboratory and practical sessions 
  • Developing skills during practical sessions including team-working and communication 
  • Discovering range of degrees and careers that you are unlikely to have thought of before
  • Advice, guidance and careers sessions
  • Exploring what life at university might be like