Zyxogen Announces Partnership with Queen Mary University of London

11 August 2016

Zyxogen Announces Partnership with Queen Mary University of London
Zyxogen, LLC has announced a collaborative partnership with Dr. Rafael Castrejón-Pita, lecturer and lead researcher at the Laboratory of Applied Science at Queen Mary University of London. One of the UK's most respected universities, Queen Mary held the number one ranking for Material Science according to a 2011 National Union of Students report.

The collaboration is centered around the continued development and commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) assets in the field of microfluidics.

This partnership is part of Zyxogen's technology transfer efforts, which significantly differ from traditional tech transfer models through the purposeful compilation of a broad global network of research institutions aimed at the commercialization of a particular set of technology and applications. Namely, Zyxogen has built a diverse and highly experienced brain trust in the area of microfluidics and disbursement by securing exclusive licensing rights and joint development capabilities with top researchers in the field. However, Zyxogen has ensured this knowledge base is broad enough to be applicable in wide array of verticals and industries. The partnership with Dr. Castrejón-Pita is no exception.

“Prof. Castrejón-Pita's expertise and his ability to apply research in a commercially targeted manner make him a valuable and dynamic member of the Zyxogen ecosystem”, commented Stayko D. Staykov, Executive Director of Zyxogen.

Zyxogen communicates extensively with large corporations to understand specific pain points and problems and then deploys IP assets and prototype capabilities utilizing its research partners in order to provide precise and particular solutions. This approach further differentiates Zyxogen and positions it to be highly responsive and agile in the corporate environment. Indeed, large corporations find in Zyxogen a partner that is able to quickly assemble already committed resources and known experts from a broad and ever expanding network.

For more information, please contact Stayko D. Staykov at (615) 436 0437, or at stayko(at)zyxogen(dot)com, or by visiting Zyxogen’s website at
Contact:Dr Rafa Castrejón-Pita