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Postgraduate Modules for 2017/18

The following are the Postgraduate modules offered by The School of Engineering and Materials Science. Click on a title to view more details about each module. If you are on-campus, you will also be able to view lecture notes, past papers, reading lists and coursework details.

Course CodeNameOrganiserDeputy Organiser(s)

Engineering Modules

Level: 4: Introductory

DENM122Essential Mathematics Skills for EngineersDr Henri HuijbertsDr Tomas Lukas

Level: 5: Intermediate

DENM109Engineering InstrumentationDr Hasan ShaheedDr Pavel Novak
Dr Federico Carpi
DENM510Energy Conversion AnalysisDr Hicham AdjaliDr Yi Sui
DENM512Grad, div and curl: Vector Calculus for EngineeringDr Henri HuijbertsDr Sergey Karabasov

Level: 6: Final

DENM029Principles and Application of Medical ImagingDr Pavel NovakDr Núria Gavara
DENM331Computer Aided Engineering for Solids and FluidsDr Jens-Dominik MuellerDr Andrew Buchan
MELM004Digital ElectronicsTBCExternals

Level: 7: Masters

DENM001Advanced Flight Control and Simulation of Aerospace VehiclesDr Ranjan VepaTBC
DENM003Aerospace Research ProjectDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
DENM004Computational EngineeringDr Pihua WenDr Tomas Lukas
DENM006Biomedical Engineering ProjectDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
DENM010Computational Fluid DynamicsDr Sergey KarabasovDr Lorenzo Botto
DENM011RoboticsDr Ranjan VepaDr Hasan Shaheed
DENM012Advanced Environmental EngineeringDr Peter WormleatonDr Lorenzo Botto
DENM014Research Methods and Experimental Techniques in EngineeringDr Yousef ZawahrehTBC
DENM016Biomedical Engineering in UrologyProf Martin KnightTBC
DENM021Advanced Combustion in Reciprocating engines.Prof Xi JiangDr Adrian Briggs
DENM022Advanced Gas TurbinesDr Fariborz MotallebiProf Xi Jiang
DENM023Energy Economics and Management of Sustainable energyDr Stuart PetersMr Tony Prout
DENM024Clinical MeasurementsDr Pavel NovakDr Lei Su
DENM025Research Project in Sustainable EnergyDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
DENM026Numerical Optimisation in Engineering DesignDr Jens-Dominik MuellerProf Vassili Toropov
DENM027Research Project in Computational Aided EngineeringDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
DENM032AeroelasticityDr Ranjan VepaTBC
DENM033Vehicular CrashworthinessDr Fabian DuddeckTBC
DENM035Renewable Energy SourcesDr Huasheng WangTBC
DENM114Engineering MethodsDr Yousef ZawahrehTBC
DENM208Advanced Heat Transfer and Fluid MechanicsDr Adrian BriggsDr Huasheng Wang
DENM305Advanced Aircraft DesignDr Fariborz MotallebiDr Eldad Avital
DENM311Tissue MechanicsDr Himadri GuptaProf Hazel Screen
Dr Helena Azevedo
DENM335Advanced Spacecraft Design: Manoeuvring and Orbital MechanicsProf John StarkTBC
DENM336Modelling and Control of Mechanical SystemsDr Henri HuijbertsDr Guang Li
DENM405Advanced High Speed AerodynamicsDr Fariborz MotallebiDr Sergey Karabasov
DENM433Whole System Design in Sustainable EngineeringDr Stuart PetersMr Tony Prout
DENM600Energy Storage EngineeringDr Ana Jorge SobridoProf Magdalena Titirici
DENM601Introduction to Solar Energyj.bProf Magdalena Titirici
DENM702Ethics and Regulatory AffairsProf David LeeProf Julia Shelton
DENM703Advanced Mechanical Engineering Research ProjectDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
MELM003Surgical Techniques & SafetyDr Lei SuExternals
MELM009Physiology for Medical EngineersProf Pankaj VadgamaTBC
MTH739PTopics in Scientific ComputingL DanonTBC

Materials Modules

Level: 5: Intermediate

MTRM211Surfaces and interfaces in Dental materialsProf Gleb SukhorukovDr Julien Gautrot
Prof Pankaj Vadgama

Level: 6: Final

DENM209Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics 2Dr Adrian BriggsDr Huasheng Wang
MTRM312Science of BiocompatibilityDr Karin HingDr Helena Azevedo

Level: 7: Masters

MTRM004DissertationDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
MTRM005Materials Research ProjectDr Adrian BriggsDr Helena Azevedo
MTRM011Materials Selection in DesignProf James BusfieldMr Raza Shah
MTRM025Failure of SolidsDr Tomas LukasProf James Busfield
MTRM040Environmental Properties of MaterialsProf Magdalena TitiriciDr Stuart Peters
MTRM061Renewable Energy MaterialsTBCTBC
MTRM064Advanced Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineDr Tina ChowdhuryProf Joost de Bruijn
MTRM065Advanced Structure-Property Relationships in MaterialsDr Emiliano BilottiDr Haixue Yan
Dr Oliver Fenwick
MTRM066Advanced Materials Characterization TechniquesDr Andy BushbyDr Núria Gavara
Dr Himadri Gupta
MTRM068CeramicsProf Mike ReeceDr Haixue Yan
MTRM069Chemical and Biological SensorsDr Steffi KrauseProf Pankaj Vadgama
MTRM071Advanced BiomaterialsDr Julien GautrotProf Alvaro Mata
Dr Helena Azevedo
MTRM713Manufacturing ProcessesDr Haixue YanDr Emiliano Bilotti
MTRM730CompositesProf Ton PeijsDr Ettore Barbieri
MTRM797Advanced Polymer SynthesisDr Julien GautrotDr Remzi Becer
MTRM798Polymer PhysicsProf Ton PeijsTBC
MTRM799Polymer Research ProjectDr Adrian BriggsDr Henri Huijberts
MTRM803Nanotechnology and NanomedicineProf Gleb SukhorukovTBC

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