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Novel Biomaterials for Bioapplications


Lead by Prof Gleb Sukhorukov (QMUL) and Prof Li Shang (NPU)

The vast area of Biomaterials and relevant Surface Science research was reflected in establishing collaborative links between QMUL and NPU. The talks will cover available partner’s expertise ranging from polymer brushes and interfacial phenomena to multifunctional inorganic nanoparticles of different kind, polymer microcontainers for imaging, sensing, antimicrobial activity and electrochemical imaging and sensing. 

 New partners with accomplishing expertise are sought to enhance complementary research between two research institutions

Wednesday 9th June 2021

08:00-11:10 am (London Time) 15:00-18:10 pm (Beijing Time)


Novel Biomaterials for Bioapplications

By Prof Gleb Sukhorukov (QMUL) and Prof Li Shang (NPU)

Session 1:

Chair: Prof Gleb Sukhorukov (QMUL)

08:00 -08:30


15:00 -15:30


Functional Peptide Self-assembled Nanomaterials for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

By Dr. Leming Sun NPU

08:30 -08:50


15:30 -15:50


Monitoring dynamic cellular responses using a photoelectrochemical imaging system with high spatiotemporal resolution

By Dr. Bo Zhou QMUL

08:50 -09:05


15:50 -16:05


Wearable Electrochemical Sensors for  Chemical Biomarker Monitoring

By Yao Chen NPU

09:05 -09:20


16:05 -16:20


Study of the mechanical properties of liquid-liquid interfaces 

By Alexandra Chrysanthou (Julien Gautrot's group) QMUL

09:20 -09:35


16:20 -16:35


Synthesis of Gold nanoclusters-ZIF composites for biological applications

By Qiang Li NPU

09:35 -09:50


16:35 -16:50


Break (15mins)

Session 2:

Chair: Prof Li Shang (NPU)

09:50 -10:20


16:50 -17:20


Polymer brushes for gene delivery

By Prof. Julien Gautrot QMUL

10:20 -10:50


17:20 -17:50


Supramolecular-mediated Functional Porous Materials

By Dr. Li-li Tan NPU

10:50 -11:05


17:50 -18:05


Microarray structures for printing biodegradable microcages and templating minified structure via precursor ceramics

By Jiaxin Zhang (Gleb Sukhorukov’s group) QMUL

11:05 -11:20


18:05 -18:20


Curcumin engineered ultrasmall Ag nanoclusters with enhanced antimicrobial activity for fast infection-impaired wound healing application

By Tianyi Wang NPU