QMUL-NPU JRI PhD Summer School and Workshop 2021


We are pleased to announce that the 5th QMUL-NPU Summer School and Workshop will take place online from the 7th to 11th June 2021. It is an open event and anyone is welcome to join.

The NPU-QMUL JRI facilitates collaboration between researchers at the two institutes in areas of mutual interest and complementarity. Its aim is to support new lines of research that are timely and of societal benefit, leading to internationally recognized research and joint funding. This complements the activities of the NPU-QMUL Joint Education Institute

There are currently five planned Summer Workshops in areas of established and productive collaboration with a focus on timely topics, covering thermoelectric, dielectric, ferroelectris, thermal barrier and ultra-high temperature materials:

7th June, High Entropy Ceramics, lead by Mike Reece

7th June, Engineering Optimisation, lead by Vassili Toropov

8th June, - Energy Conversion and Storage, lead by Ana Jorge Sobrido

9th June - Novel Biomaterials for Bioapplications, lead by Gleb Sukhorukov

10th  and 11th June, Smart Materials, lead by Stoyan Smoukov (2 days)

11th June, Bioengineering, lead by Rob Krams

If you are interested to run a similar event please contact the Director of NPU-QMUL Joint Research Institute  Prof Mike Reece to discuss it.