Research 科学研究

Joint Research Institute (JRI) of Advanced Materials and Structures (AMAS)

The Queen Mary University of London - NPU JRI facilitates collaboration between researchers at the two institutes in areas of mutual interest and complementarity. Its aim is to support new lines of research that are timely and of societal benefit, leading to internationally recognized research and joint funding. This complements the activities of the NPU-Queen Mary University of London Joint Education Institute.

The JRI encompasses 5 Research Centres:

  • Research Centre of Advanced Ceramic Materials

The main research topics are design, fabrication, and properties of advanced ceramic materials, such as thermoelectric materials, piezoelectric materials, ferroelectric materials.

  • Research Centre of Nano Energy Materials

The main research topics are high-energy-density battery, supercapacitor, electroanalysis and photocatalysis nano-energy materials.

  • Research Centre of the Functional Polymers & Composites

The main research topics are electronic, magnetic, functional polymers and composites, advanced polymer composites, polymer synthesis and processing, sustainable and recycled materials and soft materials.

  • Research Centre of Biomaterials and Engineering

The main research topics are biomaterials, drug release and bioengineering.

  • Research Centre of Material Structure Design and Optimization

The main research topics are structure design and optimization methodology, composites structure design, and smart materials and structural design.


  • 高级陶瓷基复合材料工程中心


  • 纳米能源材料研究中心

主要研究课题为: 高能量密度电池、超级电容器、电解、光催化纳米能源材料。

  • 功能性高分子材料和复合材料研究中心

主要研究课题为: 电子、磁性、功能高分子与复合材料、高端高分子复合材料、高分子合成与加工、可持续再生材料和软材料

  • 生物材料和工程研究中心

主要研究课题为: 生物材料、药性释放与生物工程。

  • 材料结构设计与优化研究中心

主要研究课题为: 结构设计与优化方法、复合材料结构设计、智能材料与结构设计。

Queen Mary University of London-NPU JRI PhD Summer Workshop 

The JRI runs a summer school for PhD students that alternates between NPU and The Queen Mary University of London each year. 


The JRI is establishing joint laboratories at both NPU and The Queen Mary University of London to facilitate staff and student exchange between the two universities and will hold a Joint Research Symposium each year in November.


JRI 每年有专为博士生订造的暑期研究会,举办地在NPU和 The Queen Mary University of London 之间交替。

JRI 联合实验室的建立促进了NPU和 The Queen Mary University of London 两所大学之间师生交流,并定于每年11月举行两校联合研讨会。