MSc Materials Science and Engineering



Technical subjects are listed below and taught in parallel with English language, Year one in China, Year two in London, Year three in China.  The education plan for this programme can be found by following this link. 

材料科学与工程本科专业课程安排, 专业核心课程全英文授课。 第一,三年在中国, 第二年在伦敦。 此专业的培养方案请点击此处下载。

A schematic diagram of the whole degree programme can be found here.

Programme Director: Andrew Spowage 

Semester 1:  第一学期 

  • Theoretical and practical research on socialism with Chinese characteristicsimage
  • Dielectrics of nature
  • English for science and engineering
  • Matrix theory mathematics
  • Designing with materials
  • Microstructure analysis of advanced materials

Semester 2:  第二学期

  • Professional engineering methods
  • First principle simulation
  • Materials physics or Materials science engineering
  • Project (Literature review)

Semester 3:  第三学期

  • Electrochemical energy storage systems  or Plastic electronic materials
  • Advanced mechanical modelling of materials
  • Project (Experimental)

Semester 4:  第四学期

  • Advanced NanoComposites
  • Optical and electronic materials or Solar energy engineering
  • Project (Experimental)

Semester 5: 第五学期

  • Project (Experimental)

Semester 6:  第六学期

  • Project (Experimental)